Script to Install, Update and reconfigure OMS Agent to SCOM 2016 Version, and add new workspaces

Now that the new SCOM 2016 Microsoft Monitoring Agent is out, I want it to create a unified solution to install/update and change settings in the agent in a fast and easy way, so I created this script that is able to:


  1. Install/Update agent using the public Microsoft Download URL for the new installer.
  2. Add new OMS workspaces taking advantage of the new multihoming feature.
  3. Clear all currently registered OMS workspaces in the agent.
  4. Add a new SCOM management group to the agent.
  5. Clear all current management groups in the agent.
  6. Add proxy server for OMS to the agent.


You can download the file here, you will find all configuration information in the script.


Enjoy and leave your comment for other features added.