MAP Toolkit may cause network saturation or machine to reboot


Under some machine and network environments, the MAP Toolkit may cause the network to become saturated with activity and cause the machine running the MAP Toolkit to reboot.


The MAP Toolkit has the ability to throttle itself on the machine that it is running on, to prevent the available resources from being fully consumed. The MAP Toolkit does not throttle itself based on the network availability. Therefore, in some cases it is possible for the MAP Toolkit to request more information from the target machines that cannot be handled by the network. When this happens, the network becomes saturated and the machine running MAP may reboot.

We continue to investigate the root cause of this issue. The appears to be in Windows Management Instrument (WMI), a Windows component that is used by the MAP Toolkit when inventorying an environment. A hotfix for Windows looks to help the situation. If applying this hotfix does not help, take a look at the workaround below. If both the hotfix and workaround does not help, please contact us at, so we can investigate the issue with you.


You can use the method below to throttle the MAP Toolkit further to use less system and network resources. If this workaround does not solve the problem, please email us at the address provided in the support section.

  1. Shutdown MAP if it is running/li>
  2. Edit the %Program Files%\Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit\bin\Microsoft.AssessmentPlatform.UI.Console.exe.config file and add the following lines into the “<appSettings>” section. These values in the first and second lines can be adjusted up or down as needed to maximize the performance while maintaining system stability, but these values must be greater than 3.

Edit: As of MAP 9.0, the file name has changed to MapToolkit.exe.config

<add key="Microsoft.AssessmentPlatform.InventoryEngine.InventoryService.DefaultMaxThreadsX86" value="52" /><add key="Microsoft.AssessmentPlatform.InventoryEngine.InventoryService.DefaultMaxThreads" value="52" /><add key="Microsoft.AssessmentPlatform.InventoryEngine.InventoryService.DefaultMinThreads" value="3" /><add key="Microsoft.AssessmentPlatform.InventoryEngine.InventoryService.MaxThreadsLowerBound" value="2" />


  • The first two lines will set the maximum number of machines to inventory at the same time. You can adjust the maximum value up or down as needed to maximize the performance while maintaining system stability, but these values must be greater than 3. Changing these values may increase the inventory time.
  • The third line sets the minimum number of threads that MAP will use, changing this value is NOT recommended.


More information is always useful, so if you would like to help us gather more data, please send us an email at and reference this post.