MAP Toolkit: The Server and Cloud Enrollment Feature

The Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) is a new enrollment under the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. The SCE provides a new option for highly committed customers that enables them to standardize broadly on one or more key Server and Cloud technologies from Microsoft. SCE offers four components: Core Infrastructure, Application Platform, Developer Platform, and Windows Azure.

The SCE feature in the MAP Toolkit will discover and report on the software that comprises the Core Infrastructure, Application Platform, and the Developer Platform to help you determine the install base of these applications. Much of this information is already available in various reports in MAP, but we brought them all together into one consolidated report and added a couple that were not previously available, to make it easier to see what is in the environment already.

Getting the Data

From the Inventory Scenarios page of the Inventory Wizard, choose:

  • Active Devices and Users – The majority of information in this feature can be obtained by selecting this scenario.
  • Client Access Tracking for Configuration Manager – If you have System Center Configuration Manager in the environment, then you will also need to choose this option or the CM report will be blank.
  • Forefront Endpoint Protection Server – If you have FEP or System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) in your environment, choose this scenario as well.

After the basic inventory has been completed, you can collect user and device access information for Windows Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint Server by importing and parsing log files. Details on this process can be found in this TechNet Wiki article. If you have Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, or SharePoint Server 2013 (or newer) you can have MAP gather this information via UAL instead. See the part of the Wiki article that talks about the exception to needing log files for more information.

The Report

Here is a brief explanation of the report, which contains 8 worksheets.

  1. Windows Server – This data is from the Server Details worksheet in the Windows Server Usage Tracking report.
  2. SC Elements – New! Part of the SCE process is determining the presence of System Center in the environment. This report identifies any parts of System Center products that were found in the environment.
  3. SC Configuration Manager – This uses the data from the Server Details worksheet in the Configuration Manager Usage Tracking report.
  4. SC Endpoint Protection – This is from the Client Details worksheet in the Endpoint Protection Usage Tracking report.
  5. SQL Server – This information is from the SQL Server License Tracking worksheet in the SQL Server Usage Tracking report.
  6. BizTalk Server – New! This reports on the BizTalk servers discovered in the environment and if they are running on virtual machines, identifies the host-guest relationship along with details of the host hardware.
  7. SharePoint Server – This is from the Server Details worksheet in the SharePoint Server Usage Tracking report.
  8. Visual Studio – New! This report only identifies Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate since they are the only products that qualify for the SCE program.

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