Simplify Windows 7 & Windows Internet Explorer deployment planning with MAP 5.5 toolkit

Last week,  in his blog " Identifying Browsers and Plugins That Might Represent a Risk" Gartner's Neil MacDonald stressed on the significance of   MAP 5.5 Internet Explorer discovery scenario.

With the proliferation of web browsers, and plugins such as toolbars, browser helper objects,  Active -x controls , it is really important for an enterprise IT to keep track of all these deployed assets, and their compatibility with Windows 7 operating system.   An important aspect of this is governing an IT policy to support the Internet Explorer, while monitoring the presence of all the plugins and 3rd party browsers.

As part of Windows 7 deployment, it is important to understand deployed web browsers' compatibility with Windows 7.   MAP's Internet Explorer Assessment examines currently installed web browsers and provides comprehensive details for Windows 7 readiness planning.  MAP inventories elements of the deployed browser functionality to help size and prioritize the planning that goes into a Windows 7 migration.

MAP's  Internet Explorer Migration Assessment provides the following information:

  • Browser Overview: An overview of the inventoried web browsers.
  • Web Browser Summary: A list of all web browsers found on client computers.
  • Web Browser Details: A list of all web browser versions found on client computers, broken out by operating system.
  • Client Details: Details on the web browsers and controls found on each client machine.
  • Add-on Details: Details on all installed web browser controls for Internet Explorer.

For more details, please check out the following MAP demonstration on how you can plan for Windows 7 and latest Internet Explorer browser deployment.



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