Virtualization On the Go!



Want to learn more about Microsoft Virtualization technologies and the latest release of Virtualization Solution Accelerators while you're out and about? Check out the InfoWorld Virtualization series here! All you need to do is to download the audio clips (6 episodes) to your music players and you're all set!


Episode One

Top Virtualization Myths

Industry Analyst, Dan Kusnetzky, Principal Analyst at the Kusnetzky Group, outlines virtualization myths and provides insights on how to plan, design and implement a vision for virtualization at your organization.

Episode Two

Virtualization Licensing: Myth Busters

The concept of virtualization brings up inevitable questions about licensing. Is it based on processor core? Is it based on the number of instances running on a particular server? Is it based on something else altogether? Eric Jewett, Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft Windows DataCenter separates the myths and realities. Learn how Microsoft's approach can reduce your overall TCO, while increasing manageability.

Episode Three

Using Virtualization and Security Issues

Jeff Woolsey, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Windows Server Virtualization is featured in this podcast that explains the differences between Virtual Server and Windows Server Virtualization (WSV) architecturally, new key WSV features, security in a virtualization solution and more.

Episode Four

Desktop and Application Virtualization

This podcast features an interview with Chad Jones, Senior Product Manager with the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack inside of the Windows Client Group. Chad focuses specifically on Microsoft Application Virtualization. Topics discussed include: Description of application virtualization, working with Terminal Services and SMS, and Microsoft's vision for a virtualized environment.

Episode Five

IT Managers Speak Out on the Top Ten Things You can do to Improve your Virtualization Strategy

On paper, virtualization promises to simplify management, reduce server sprawl, and reduce maintenance required. But does it translate into the real-world? Find out how three leading companies: RackForce Networks, Land O'Lakes and Kroll Factual Data are leveraging virtualization for competitive advantage and learn how to dynamically increase your IT efficiency and employee productivity.

Episode Six

Jumpstart Your Virtualization IT Projects with Microsoft Virtualization Solution Accelerators

Tune into this podcast to hear an interview with Baldwin Ng, Senior Product Manager for the Microsoft Solutions Accelerator team. Baldwin discusses the Microsoft Virtualization Solution Accelerators and how you can use them to assess, plan and implement virtualization projects in your company.

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