Customer Service Release 2.1 for MapPoint Web Service

We just completed a roll out of new functionality on MapPoint Web Service.

  • Highlights of this release include enhanced geocoding in the U.S. - we finally ditched our home grown geocoder in exchange for a licensed one.
  • New API’s in the Customer Data Service to enhance data management - specifically, you can now geocode your batch records without having them load into a data source. This was a cause for much frustration because this is the main reason loading files took so long - we have to propegate the data into SQL Server across the network. Now, you can send your file, geocode it and download it without having to wait for it to be loaded.
  • An updated SDK - some documentation bugs were correct, plus documentation on the new CDS (customer data service) APIs.
  • Australian Geocoding improvements - data refresh and improved address parsing.

It took me a while to find the Customer Data Service WSDL online so here it is in case you were looking for it: Remember, MapPoint Web Service has a different WSDL than the customer data service.