Killing MSN Maps and Directions

The time has come to say good-bye to MSN Maps and Directions and say hello to Windows Live Local. The product team has decided that in order for everyone to appreciate Windows Live Local, users need to stop using MSN Maps and Directions and be force fed WLL in order to love it.. And they will! It's amazing to me that some of my friends still use MapQuest when the experience just isn't the same . . . some friends.

In any case, MSN Maps and Directions is going down and everyone will be referred over to Windows Live Local.

Great. Who cares? Distinctly requested maps are a thing of the past and WLL is the future! Or, would that be the present? Anyhow, how about the thousands of people who are linking over to MSN Maps and Directions from their own web sites? What if you don't care that maps aren't integrated into your site (private labelled) and just want to link your customers to a site for maps and directions? Will they be forwarded to the proper screens in Windows Live Local from MSN? Yes, but it's not ready yet so be proactive!

Follow this documentation instructions for linking to Windows Live Local:

When are we killing MSN Maps and Directions? Soon - like very soon.