MapPoint Web Service v5.2

MWS 5.2 is scheduled to release to the web on March 15. Most of the changes are backend hardware and architecture, so you won't be affected; however, there is one significant change you should be aware of and that is authentication. We're moving our authentication away from Microsoft Extranet (requiring a password change every 45 - 60 days) to Windows Live ID authentication (formerly Microsoft Passport). So, no longer will you be sent annoying email after annoying email to change your pw. Once you change it you can change as frequently (or infrequently) as you like (or your security policy mandates). This is something that has been REALLY lame for a long time and is finally getting attention. One point of clarification, since I know someone will ask :), is that your Windows Live ID used in MapPoint Web Service will not be programmably available for the Windows Live ID API. So, if you want to change your pw you go to your account settings in Windows Live ID and change it there. This change is a very, very, very, very good thing.