MWS FindResults.FindResult Distance Issue

There's a problem with MWS's documentation and naming convention for identifying how far results are from a given point. For example, let's say you run your FindNearby query around postal code 90210 (because you're Dillon McKay) and you want to find the nearest acting school (wonder why). You get results, but you'd like to know how far each store is from you based on the list of locations returned from the service. Well, MWS will allow you to do this using the FindResults.TopScore property. "But, doesn't TopScore refer to accuracy" you ask? According to the SDK, "For the FindServiceSoap.FindNearby and FindServiceSoap.FindNearRoute methods, the lower the score, the closer (nearer) the match." It doesn't explicitly tell you that this is the distance between your center point and the respective point (location) in your array; but, it is. So, now, along with all of your store information in your results you can also include the distance to each one.

And I actually think Luke Perry is still pretty cool.