Q&A - Problems with Importing From Excel

User: We are using MapPoint to show servcie provider territories. In some states, we have more than 8 service providers, so when we import the state data, only the first 8 service providers are showing up. Is there a way to change this vs having to go in and create a new worksheet in excel and only showing 8 service providers per worksheet?

CP: If I understand you correctly, you're creating a new worksheet for every 8 service providers. If so, what a terrible experience you must be having! I have a question:

Since you are using Excel, does the last column in your schema have data in it? There's a bug in Excel that if you have, say, 8 columns you are using for your data, but the eighth column only has a header (and no values in the respective cells) it will actually truncate the file. That could be the problem.

MapPoint does have a limit per worksheet - 10,000 items - and you're nowhere near it so you shouldn't be having this problem. Also, instead of importing your data into MapPoint I would recommend using the Data Link - "Data" | "Link Data Wizard." This way you can change your spreadsheet and when you go into MapPoint you need only click "Data" | "Update Linked Records" and your map will be updated with the latest and greatest data from your Excel spreadsheet.