Streets & Trips 2006 On Shelves and Flying Off Quickly

Streets and Trips 2006 is now available in stores and online outlets. They are selling like hotcakes too. I was just on Amazon and noticed that Streets and Trips 2006 with the GPS Locator is ranked #1 in software. The newest version not only has updated map data, but also includes:

  • Speech driver guidance - your laptop sits on the passanger seat, your GPS puck on the dash and a voice guides you to your destination via S&T.
  • Night time map style - you know it's tough trying to drive at night with a laptop. This new map style is black and neon green - very Matrix like - and allows for rapid readjustment of your vision to the night skies.
  • Links to Virtual Earth - Click on a location in S&T and view it in MSN Virtual Earth online.

Good stuff. There are 2 skus

  1. Streets and Trips 2006 for ~$40
  2. Streets and Trips 2006 with GPS Locator for ~$100