Try Local Searching via SMS

The mobile team at Microsoft has released an SMS application that lets you perform quick searches by sending a text message to 95483 (WLIVE or OTRIE for those of us with PPC). It's actually pretty slick. I sent a text for "sergios 92123" and I received 2 SMS messages back (2 pages worth since apparently Sprint limits the message size). But sure enough "Super Sergio's" my favorite local San Diego burrito shop was the first result with the address and clickable phone number. You can also do queries like "q MSFT" to get Microsoft stock quotes; "d definition" to get the definition of defintion; "? what's the capital of Bolivia". I did find a little bug with the d query. I sent "d knot" hoping to get the definition of "knot," but instead was returned "KNOT: 1450 AM Prescott, AZ" - apparently, a radio station. So, they've got a bit of fine tuning, but still a very useful local searching tool with very little interaction required.

Also, I sent "? what time is it" and got a msg stating there was no match for that query and to reply with "h" for help, so there's one more letter you can use. BTW - the capital of Bolivia is La Paz (seat of government) and Sucre (country capital and seat of judiciary) - who knew?? :)