Upgrade from MWS to VE

Did you know upgrading from MWS to VE from a contract perspective is SOOOOO easy? It has recently come to my attention that many of our current customers didn't even know Microsoft owns BOTH MapPoint Web Service AND Virtual Earth. Soooo, just talk to your local licensing rep. You get everything that VE and MWS have to offer under 1 contract. We recently sent out the following message to our customers:

Valued MapPoint Web Service Customer,

Do you want draggable maps, aerial, satellite and bird's eye imagery? If so, then look no further than Microsoft’s Virtual Earth platform.

The Virtual Earth platform enables you to deliver innovative solutions and breakthrough customer experiences. With Virtual Earth you can enhance your applications with dynamic AJAX-based draggable maps, aerial imagery, satellite imagery, Microsoft’s exclusive bird's eye imagery, polygons and more. The Virtual Earth platform is Microsoft’s next generation mapping and location service. The Virtual Earth platform can be used in conjunction with your existing MapPoint Web Service applications - many of our customers do it today. Here are some example Virtual Earth maps.


To try the Virtual Earth mapping experience go to Live Search Maps (http://maps.live.com). Virtual Earth powers Live Search Maps, Microsoft’s online local search and mapping web site, but this power can be in your hands too. To learn more about the Virtual Earth platform API please visit the Virtual Earth SDK at http://dev.live.com/virtualearth/sdk/. If you have questions on how to obtain a license for the Virtual Earth platform please contact your MapPoint Web Service Sales Specialist or contact Virtual Earth Sales at maplic@microsoft.com or 1-800-426-9400 (ext. 11315).