Last Month on DirectX Shader Compiler (2018-02-13)

In addition to the usual work on SPIR-V and conformance, here are a couple of good/interesting fixes:

  • Lei Zhang provided a flag for pre-expanding macros when token-pasting. This flag modifies the preprocessor behavior to match fxc's behavior and favors compatibility; the current default matches C++ behavior and favors header reuse across languages.
  • Jeff Noyle fixed the /Zss switch¬†used to use a bytecode-and-binary based hash for symbols. The problem actually affected the /Zsb switch; /Zss was picked up as the default anyway.

More notably for those who want to keep abreast of the latest changes, you'll notice that Young has bumped the shader model version to 6.3, meaning we're largely done with 6.2 at this point and have begun to work on the feature set for 6.3. We have some ideas of our own, but if you have suggestions for what you'd like to see on the capability or language side of things, leave a comment here or file an issue on GitHub - we're listening.

In the meantime, happy shading!