The Zen of Architecture

Browsing the Internet is like going alone outside, like walking on the streets of cosmopolitan urban centers of today. Where you can find very good things to your own good or disturbing events can find your way.

This post is open to the world of Internet; hence, the target audience is as wider as it can be. This of course is no better than go shouting on the streets. To post for such ample audience has the intention to reach as many people that could be in sync with the topic of thinking about the inception and evolution of software-based business solutions. About “ ...using new patterns of sociotechnological computing and how it affects enterprise architecture in building more dynamic systems...

Alan Hakimi, a Microsoft Certified Architect, has been talking recently about The Zen of Architecture, as part of how individuals and enterprises can acquire the ability to adapt to and face the complexity imposed by reality. As part of a recent presentation he referred to the following site:

Those are observations from a different level of abstraction to the same human problem, as a friend of mine —a software-based solutions’ street architect, in contrast with an ivory tower “Software Architect”— use to say: "I think part of the problems with the educations is that the groundwork is not being built as it must be whether this is called Math, Programming, Logic, Philosophy, etc. ".

Some people could think as weird or unpopular —at least— to include an introduction to philosophy as part of Technical Readiness plans for personnel in charge of software-based business solutions, but reflecting on the underlying and repeated messages about the root cause of current problems could make us see the reasons behind such an unpopular decision.