Error 401 accessing the Report Manager in an environment configured in Scale Out

When using a load balancer with several nodes in Reporting Services, you might notice that the Report Server (http://<machinename>/Reportserver)
is accessible but Report Manager (http://<machinename>/Reports) produces the following error:


The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.


1. First of all you need to make sure that you configured the scale out of Reporting Services correctly by following the indications from the article below:

 Configuring a Report Server Scale-Out Deployment


2. After that, if you have problems accessing the Report Manager locally, you can try disabling the loopbackcheck (steps in the link:


3. If you still have problems accessing the Report Manager remotely try modifying the <ReportServerUrl> in the RSReportServer.config file with the url of the reportserver of the node.


The URL of the report server site for which the Report Manager tool searches is specified in the ReportServerUrl tag in the file RSWebApplication.config file. By default, if you leave this tag blank, the Report Manager tool uses "Localhost" as the server URL.




Maria Esteban

Reporting Services Support Engineer