Iniziano gli Architect Innovation Café

Cari architetti IT da questo mese (27 e 28 Ottobre) fino a Giugno 2010 inizia una serie di webcast dedicati agli architetti. Questa tipologia di webcast ha lo scopo di aiutare chi fa il lavoro di architetto IT nel capire i nuovi trend di mercato, le nuove tecnologie e come quest’ultime possano integrarsi con le esigenze del proprio business.

Ogni webcast sarà comunque registrato e disponibile per il download. Potete trovare la programmazione al seguente link :

ARCHITECT CAFÉ | Webcast - An Architect’s perspective on Silverlight 3

Each month through June 2010, we’ll bring you a 90-minute Architect focused Webcast to educate on the latest trends/topics and how new technologies can align with your business needs.

October 27, 2009 at 11:00am – 12:30pm PST

Title: An Architect’s perspective on Silverlight 3

Presenter: Tim Heuer

Abstract:   Many .NET developers are becoming more and more interested in the Rich Internet Application development space, and in particular Silverlight. In this session we will step back from a detailed implementation technology and take a higher level look at Silverlight from the architect’s perspective. We will discuss the types of applications where Silverlight makes sense and some scenarios where Silverlight may not be the appropriate technology. We will also delve into some of the architectural decisions that the architect must consider when writing applications for this platform and where some of the tradeoffs may lie.

Event ID: 1032427862

Link to Register: An Architect’s perspective on Silverlight 3

October 28, 2009 at 11:00am – 12:30pm PST

Title: Deploying Windows 7 from an Infrastructure Architect’s Perspective

Presenter: Doug Klokow


We’ll discuss 5 key areas centered on deploying Windows 7: Developing business justification – Evaluate the capabilities provided by Windows 7 and develop a plan for how to realize business value from these solutions; Where are you today – Explore the differences of preparing for Windows 7 based on your current desktop operating system; Application readiness – Explore the tools and resources available to gain insight into your readiness to deploy Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, and/or Office 2007/2010; Deployment readiness – Explore the tools and resources available to create a design and deployment solution for your enterprise; Training your employees – Discuss available resources for training your IT Staff and End Users.

Event ID: 1032427863

Link to Register: Deploying Windows 7 from an Infrastructure Architect’s Perspective




Tim Heuer

I currently work for Microsoft as a program manager for Microsoft Silverlight, a web technology aimed at delivering rich internet experiences to users.  Before this current role, I was a developer evangelist for Microsoft serving the Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana and Utah areas aiming to strengthen and support communities and software developers in these geographies.

Doug Klokow

Part of Microsoft Consulting Services for 9 years focused on client desktop deployment solutions.  He is part of the Virtual Deployment Practice that is focused on driving early customer deployment on Microsoft client technologies and is also supporting Microsoft’s Desktop Virtualization capabilities and service offerings.