Remove old management packs after breaking change was introduced in newer version

New version of cluster monitoring management pack was released. Hooray! This release requires removing previously imported version due to breaking changes introduced. Breaking change is a big problem, unfortunately was impossible to avoid as it had to be done to allow monitoring of Windows 2008 Failover Cluster at least with respect to effortlessly reuse common components.

In my post (and others), as well as in management pack guide, there is a paragraph stating this requirement to remove old version of cluster monitoring management pack. Unfortunately, all of us failed to remind our customers about backup of any management packs that for some reason reference any of the cluster monitoring MPs (either custom or those where overrides are stored).

I will reiterate what needs to be done when deleting of the management pack is required in order to import newer version:

1. Locate all management packs that reference MP to be deleted. You can use MPViewer

2. Export those management packs (to back up)

3. Delete all management packs, including your custom MP files

4. Import new MP files with more recent version

5. Re-import backed-up custom management packs (referencing older version of MP within your custom MP is not a problem when newer version of that MP exists in the system)