VIDEO: Reset And Recalculate Health State

Our TechNet web site and especially its video section went finally live with a training video I did some time ago. That video demonstrates functionality and differences between tasks which could change a health state after being spawned from within “Health Explorer”.

Brief description:

Reset State – In OpsMgr 2007 SP1 this task causes unit monitor state change to healthy regardless of its current state. This means that state change “Healthy (green) -> Healthy (green)” is possible as well.

Recalculate State – In OpsMgr 2007 SP1 this task always succeeds, but really works just for monitor implementing monitor type which defines on-demand detection. In my video I tried to show how one could use educated guess and recognize if there is on-demand detection without inspecting XML and particular monitor configuration by simply looking at the initial state change in “Health Explorer”. On-demand detection is present pretty much every time there is “Not Monitored -> X” and X is not healthy (green) or when X is green and the initial state change context is different than “monitor was initialized for the first time …

Here is direct link, enjoy and post question to this blog if some answers are needed.

Additional Note:

Implementation of Reset State from OpsMgr2007 RTM is equal to implementation of Recalculate State from OpsMgr2007 SP1.