64-Bit Training In Toronto

The 64-bit age has arrived with the official launch of Windows and SQL 64 –bit products launch in late April at WinHEC.

Microsoft, Intel and HP want to work with valued partners and customers to take advantage of this new platform. With the 64-bit environment, you get increased performance, more scalability, reduced TCO, new market opportunities while retaining 32-bit compatibility. The Intel® Itanium® 2 processor has led the way in breaking the ground for 64-bit enabling. The new x86-64 architectures, such as the 64-bit Intel® Xeon processor, are now available in the market to broaden the number of applications that can take advantage of improved performance. The vast majority of the new servers and high-end workstations sold in 2005 will be 64-bit capable.


Route64 bit Training: (www.route64.net) is a 3 day hands-on training lab offering intensive, professional developer focused, hands-on workshops delivered by expert 64-bit technology and designed to bring the Enterprise Developer and ISV Partner community up to speed on how to build applications that take full advantage of the newest Windows 64-bit platforms. These hands on labs will give the developer community the opportunity to migrate and test their applications on the latest 64-bit hardware from HP and Intel. 


Toronto Lab Date: May 2-4


Special Offer and Registration

      3 Day Hands-on 64-bit Training Lab including on-going technical support: $299

· Free access to Microsoft 64-bit testing and migrating labs

· $1700 + worth Attendee Bag which in a 1 year license of VTune® software development tool

· HP Special: Up to 50% Discount on 64-bit development systems

· Where can I find more information on Route 64?


Why should ISVs and Enterprise and Developers care about Windows 64-bit?

  • Marketing Promotion: Opportunities Inclusion in Windows 64-bit Catalogs and Web sites. Participation in case studies and Windows 64-bit industry events.
  • Increased Performance: thanks to increased memory access, larger registers, and greater scalability, an application can run 15% to 50% on a 64-bit processor.
  • Server Consolidation: higher scalability and increased performance allows consolidation of servers and reduced TCO.
  • Test and migrate your application: ability to test and migrate your applications while attending the training.
  • Technical Support: Up to Free 40 hours of Premier Technical support. Exclusive access to web newsgroup for ongoing support
  • New Market Opportunities: 64-bit opens the door to new markets which were previously reserved to high-end workstations or mainframes.