Building Communities

Our Developer Audience Marketing Manager, Wendy Rogers, has an article in the Globe and Mail this week talking about the importance of user groups and communities - especially in the technology sector.

If you build it, they will come


Front Lines is a guest viewpoint section offering perspectives on current issues and events from people working on the front lines of Canada's technology industry

Next time you visit your local bookstore, check out the business section. There you will find shelves groaning under the weight of books that promise to help companies overcome the latest hurdles on the path to profitability. Some are fads destined to fade, but take a closer look and you'll notice that the books with real staying power — many dating back decades — deal with issues that transcend economic, political and social conditions. Standing front and centre among them are books on how to make customers happy and loyal.

Those in the technology industry know how challenging it can be to maintain a happy customer base. The rapid pace of innovation means companies must release new products or upgrades at lightning speed, while also ensuring value and ROI. This is a daunting task.......

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