Crane Collaspes In Bellevue....A Little Too Close For Comfort

It has been an interesting day here in Redmond and I thought I would share the news….

Today the our Enterprise Search vTeam hosted the first Canadian Search Partner Summit at in Redmond.  It was a great day and we had planned to cap the event off with diner at the Seastar Restaurant in downtown Bellevue. (Great place, btw)

After arriving by bus, our group was gathering for pre-dinner drinks when we heard (and felt) an extremely loud crash near (or as it turned out - ON) the building we were in.  We were immediately evacuated out of the building (we were in an all glass atrium) and discovered that a 21 storey tall construction crane in the lot right next to the restaurant had collapsed.  It severely damaged 2 buildings as it fell and unfortunately killed 1 person in the condo building across the street (that was hit by the arm of the crane).  The entire block has been closed down for inspection and cleanup.

The scary part is that 15 minutes before the crash, our bus (with all 25 partners) was parked directly in the path where the crane fell.  

Everyone from our group is fine, although an extra round of drinks was ordered (once we found somewhere new to eat)…..

Attached are 2 phones from my smartphone….

Crane accident in Bellevue 2Crane accident in Bellevue

Coverage is here:

Construction crane collapses, killing one in downtown Bellevue

Crane collapse kills one in Bellevue


BELLEVUE -- One person inside an apartment building was killed when a construction crane collapsed Thursday evening in downtown Bellevue, striking several buildings.

Bellevue Fire Department Lt. Bruce Kroon said the man's body was found in a fourth floor apartment of the Pinnacle Bell Center Building.


The crane was being operated at the time it fell, and the operator was hurt but reportedly was going to be OK, police spokesman Greg Grannis said.

Firefighters used a ladder to retrieve the operator from about 20 to 30 feet above the ground, but he was able to pull himself out of the cage, Kroon said. He was taken to nearby Overlake Hospital.

The accident occurred on 108th Avenue Northeast near Northeast Fourth Street, a bit north of the Seastar Restaurant, and the crane was blocking 108th Avenue Northeast.

Jennifer Rupley was working late in her office building when the crane came smashing down. "I thought it was an earthquake and then the glass behind my desk and the wall came crashing in," she told KOMO-TV.

The crane was working on 333 Bellevue Tower, which is an office building that has been vacant for a few years.

The crane operator told the fire department he was getting ready to shut down for the night, when he heard a crack and the crane went down, Kroon said.

The top floor of the Pinnacle Bell Centre Apartments was crushed and the building immediately next to the crane was damagedextensively, Koon said.Police officers and firefighters are still checking other buildings that were crushed by the crane. The cause of the accident was not immediately known.