Feedback On The Code Awards

So, my friend Rick Segal has posted some comments about the Code Awards on his blog here.  He posted a challenge to find the "strange" things about the Awards page. 

He may have exaggerated the Popiel Pasta Maker, but what the heck, maybe I will also cook something up on my George Foreman Grill :-). 

So, let me address the feedback here :-)

First, the date..... 2 things here.  I can't seem to replicate the "2006" date that many people seemed to find.  Mine says 2007..... either way, the answer is (as the comments on Rick's blog infer) that it's like the Oscars / Music Awards / NHL Season - it's part 2006 and part 2007.  So, really we should say the 06/07 awards..... good feedback for next year.

Second, the use of Flash...... like many developers, the Microsoft website currently uses a lot of Flash for interactive elements.  Is it ironic?  A little.  Is it representative of the real-life use of technology?  I think so.  Will this practice come to an end? Yes.   At the time when we built this site, WPF was still in beta and I don't think it would have been a good idea to drive thousands of people to download that beta to view this one site.  That said, WPF/E is now ready for prime time and I have directed our group to start focusing on WPF/E development for interactive components going forward and I believe we only have 1 more "legacy" campaign that will be built on Flash.

Another blog post shows some other confusion / feedback as well... she quotes that the award is for the "best MSDN Flash development"..... that's not correct, so let me clarify.

The award is for the "best individual or team development" and yes, we are looking to see how Microsoft technology helped them build their solution.

MSDN Flash Subscribers are eligible to win.  The Flash is our newsletter for Canadian Developers (read by tens of thousands of people every week) - it is your source for info, event notifications, webcasts, blogs and much much more.

Got any other comments?  Let me know.....