Hey Canadian ITPROs -> Vote Now For The TECHNET Innovation Awards!

It is time again for the TechNet Canada Innovation Awards.  This is a really great program that was started a few years back by our IT Professional Team.  The concept is simple ->  the community nominates teams and individuals for their great work.  A team of judges narrows the field and then you the community help select the winners by voting.  The winners are announced at EnergizeIT.  Oh ya - we also shower the winners with prizes and donations to charity!

To quote the official site: 

"The TechNet Canada Innovation Award is awarded to a Canadian IT Professional who has used Microsoft-based technology to make a positive contribution to their organization or community. The top 5 candidates have been selected from the many notable nominees."

As one of the judges, I can tell you that the quality of the submissions was very high this year.  You can check out the finalists, get all the details and VOTE here.    (By the way - we also have a Developer focused award called the MSDN Code Awards)




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