HHH_CA: Launch 2008: T-12 hours.

We are at the Direct Energy Centre - setting up and getting ready.  While I was walking over here, I had a few thoughts on the day to help you out if you are attending:



  1. Think about taking transit if you are coming from downtown.  (or walk, if you live as close as I do)
  2. If you need to drive, come along the lakeshore....stay of the Gardner Expressway.....
  3. On the map above I have outlined the parking areas.  If you want to get in and out quickly, I'd recommend parking outside.
  4. I have indicated the door you will want to come in if you are parking outside
  5. If you are at the event, come say hi to me.  I will be in a staff shirt with a BIG camera and the kick-butt Dell M1330 under my arm (once the event starts I switch to photoblogger)
  6. We are giving out some good stuff (hint)
  7. I think there is public for-a-fee wireless
  8. If you want to get a coffee before the event, I recommend Balzac's in Liberty Village.
  9. The content is awesome.


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