Introducing Canadian Developer Community Radio (brought to you by MSDN Canada)!


Introducing Canadian Developer Community Radio (brought to you by MSDN Canada)!


"Podcasting" - we really question the term as it seems to limit one's choice of device, but we love the concept and the power of this new paradigm of audio delivery.


So, let's call it a "BlogCast" or an "Internet Audio Broadcast" and leave it at that.


Here at MSDN Canada we are always looking for new ways to reach out to the Developer Community.


So we decided to try our hand at this new form of communication as a way to give all of you a different view to what is going on at Microsoft Canada and in the community across the country.


This is only a beta test of our new show.  It's also only the first of several ideas we have for audio content. 


For every show we will include:

  • Show Notes (Text and OneNote)
  • Links To Relevant Information
  • Audio provided in WMA & MP3
  • RSS Feed


Show #0.9 (Beta) – Live From The MSDN Web Development Deep Dive In Toronto

March 22, 2005



The Show Notes:


MSDN Deep Dive - Building Web Applications with ASP.NET 2.0

  • During this Deep Dive event, Microsoft Developer Specialists will introduce the new features in ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005, including Personalization, Master Pages and navigation controls. From there, the session will delve into core Web development concepts for creating secure, reliable and scalable Web applications.
  • ASP.NET 2.0 reduces the amount of code required to perform data access tasks by adding a number of data-enabled controls.
  • Create more robust applications. You'll discover how to use Object-Relational Mapping techniques to create robust, secure data access layers for your Web applications.
  • Improve security. You'll find out the best way to use forms and Passport authentication, and run a .NET based process within IIS through impersonation
  • Post Event Blog Links:



Last Developer Standing -

  • Last Developer Standing is an online contest that allows you learn .NET and gives you a shot at winning $25,000. That's right, someone will win $25,000 based on their knowledge of .NET. Now, you don't need to be an expert - the big part of the contest is learning. Every two weeks you'll receive a module that consists of some learning materials, like recommended online reading, some eBooks from MS Press, that you would otherwise pay big dollars for, webcasts, presentations and more. Then you'll take a test based on those resources. There are 9 rounds in total. You'll be competiting against thousands of developers, if you do not score the best, you don't move on. That is, if someone scores perfect on a test, and you don't, you're out of the running. We're looking forward to giving the last developer standing - $25,000. We anticipate this to go the distance, all 9 rounds with people getting perfect tests. Which is why we've created a very interesting 9th round! The final round will be played over Microsoft Office LiveMeeting! That's right we'll have an online elimination match - if you get a question wrong, you're gone.


VSLive! Toronto - April 13-16, 2005 –

  • VSLive! is an industry developer conference put on by Fawcette Technical Publications and sponsored by Microsoft Canada. The conference features world-class speakers from Microsoft (mostly Redmond) and industry experts. This is the conferences second year in Toronto.
  • The format of the conference is 2 days of hands-on workshops and 2 days of sessions in a typical conference format. This is an amazing opportunity that happens in Canada only once a year.
  • Notable speakers include:
    • Prashant Sheridan, Senior Product Manager for Visual Studio, Microsoft Corp.
    • Rebecca Dias, Web Services Product Manager, Microsoft Corp.
    • Scott Watermasyk, Telligent Systems - Scott is a web development guru, he created the .TEXT ASP.NET application that supports millions of blogs per day on
    • Fritz Onion, Pluralsight - Fritz Onion is a founding partner of Pluralsight, a think-tank organization delivering in-depth technical content and training, where he focuses on Web development with ASP.NET. He is the author of the highly acclaimed book Essential ASP.NET.
    • 20 more World class speakers


Interview With Rob Windsor ( - Sorry about the bad audio!


Interview With RD Barry Gervin -


Interview With The Deep Dive Speakers