Introducing The New Hotmail

The folks at our Online Services Group have launched the new version of Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail, the successor to MSN Hotmail, launched yesterday in Canada today, May 7th, as part of a global release in 36 languages. The most significant upgrade for Hotmail since pioneering the webmail industry in 1997, the new service is built to be a vast improvement over the previous offering by incorporating input from more than 20 million beta testers. Windows Live Hotmail delivers to over 17 million hotmail users in Canada a more powerful and productive e-mail service that customers can access wherever and whenever they want, via the Web, or mobile phone.

Windows Live Hotmail offers two versions: classic and full. People can choose how they view their Windows Live Hotmail. The classic version looks similar to MSN Hotmail for those who prefer the familiar look while the full version works more like Outlook with more advanced functionality, like preview pane, drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts, and more. The full version is recommended for customers who use a broadband connection to access e-mail while the classic version is recommended for users with a narrowband or slower connection to access e-mail. Users can flip between these two modes easily with the click of a mouse.  

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