MIX07 - End of Day 2

Day 2 was a busy day.  2 press events - including one that featured an application that the Hospital For Sick Kids in Toronto build in WPF as a next-generation kiosk and potential web presence.  The application is focused on helping to increase the connection between donors and the hospital.  It's a great looking app that was build in 3 weeks by a Canadian Microsoft partner called Momentum.

I felt that Robbie Bach's talk was a great overview of the kinds of options available to drive traffic in an ad based world - Xbox, Search, Media Center, etc.  What I didn't feel worked was the structure of the final keynote.  Robbie talked for 45-50mins and then a marketing/business panel discussion started.  It was poorly setup and I think the audience certainly wasn't expecting it.  Hundreds of people ended up leaving during the final hour, which was certainly distracting.  Now, the panel did have a great discussion on the future of marketing - it's too bad more people didn't stick around.

So, Robert Scoble thinks that "Microsoft has rebooted the web".  Wow.  Even Steve Gilmour has weighed in.

I think that the announcements at MIX this year are certainly a major step for the company.  Why?

  • MIX proves that Microsoft and our ecosystem can drive thought leadership and market momentum
  • The concept of "user experience first" is evident in everything discussed at MIX.
  • Silverlight is just cool.
  • .NET moves into the web world.

We wrapped up the event with the closing party at PURE.  A great venue and a great event.

Here is the strange story of the night.  I am talking with my US counterpart - Sheila - when this guy comes out of the crowd and says "hey I know you".  Honestly, I didn't remember him - until he reminded me that when he was in grade 10 I worked with his school (I was with Digital Equipment at the time) on a technology education program.  He said I was a great mentor and inspired him to go into technology.  Now he owns 2 technology companies.   Wow, what a compliment. 

I leave in the morning for Vancouver and the Vancouver Games Summit, so another MIX is done for me.

If you are in Canada and doing any Silverlight work - let me and the team know.

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