The Web 2.0 Thread


I have to side with Rick on this one.  Web 2.0 is just a little too "fashion" and not enough "substance" for me.


It starts with Scoble -


He is just hot and heavy about this phrase.  Don't get me wrong, I love the technology.


It moves on to this thread about Scoble buying a company -


It goes on to talk about a series of "Web 2.0" tools - (not many of which are even built with .NET, which is a shame)


And then here -


This love fest only can last for so long however.  I think my good friend Mr. Segal sums it up well -


I have to agree with Rick.  These technologies, while awesome, are evolutionary.  Yes, there impact on how people use technology is potentially revolutionary, let's not create a mystical label for it all.