Vintage – The TRS-80 Model 100

Thanks to David Crow for spotting this article about the classic TRS-80.

I actually have one of these in my office.  It used to belong to my father and I have kept it for all these years.  Interesting note about the TRS-80 is that it is the last production code BillG ever directly wrote.

PCWorld: Inside A Classic



Bill's Last Hurrah

A quarter-century ago, Bill Gates was still getting his hands dirty with tasks that, today would be left to entry-level Microsoft programmers. Case in point: Gates, with another colleague, programmed the Model 100's built-in software, which is contained within the chip you see before you. To this day, the Model 100 remains his last major programming project at Microsoft.

In an interview with the National Museum of American History , you can still hear Gates' pride in the project. "It is a cool user interface, because although most of the code is a BASIC Interpreter, we did this little file system where you never had to think about saving anything. You just had this menu where you pointed to things. It was a great little editor and scheduler. We crammed it all into a 32K ROM.""