Windows Home Server RC is released! (I love this product)

Windows Home Server

Head over to the Windows Home Server blog to see the details of the public release candidate.  There is also a great WHS blog from the UK called "We Got Served".  There you will find a cool list of add-ins.  The public Home Server site is here.  There is also the "Stop Digital Amnesia" site.

I have been running it since the early builds.  It is a solid implementation, has easy management and cool new features.

Why do I like Home Server?  My top 5:

  1. It is a elegant way for multi-PC homes to centralize storage and backup.
  2. Daily bit-level automatic backups
  3. Dynamically expanding file system (to make adding storage simple)
  4. EASY remote access to your home network
  5. They are selling it as an OEM kit for do-it-yourself enthusiasts

Marketed correctly, I could see any well-connected household benefiting from Home Server.  Backup alone is a serious problem in an all-digital world.

Check it out.

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