Give A Product An Extensibility Point, Feed A Community

Another week of heads down coding and bug fixing for the latest Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" product milestone, and another week with trouble finding time to produce a new blog post.  This week I would like to thank Brad, Paul, and the folks at Ensynch for providing me another easy post.  :)  Ensynch has just published a wonderful white paper on how to write custom Windows Workflow Foundation activities for the ILM2 product, they even made their Visual Studio project public as well.  They provided me with an early read and I believe my comments were , and I quote, "This is awesome!"  This is a great explanation on the ILM2 WF extensibility point.  Given that it did not come from me, it may be more beneficial than anything I could have produced.  Their custom activity library includes some great diagnostic activities that can be used in testing any custom solution.

Without further ado you can find the white paper in the side bar of Ensynch's Identity & Access Management Practice Area.  Or for those who want direct links:

Identity and Access Management Operations Guide - ILM 2 Workflow Activity Walkthrough

Walkthrough Project Files