Get the Window Workflow Foundation Tutorial source code here

I am responsible for designing the tutorials that go into the documentation for Windows Workflow Foundation (among other things). I'm also responsible for implementation which includes all the coding and writing for the tutorials. The Beta 1 release of Windows Workflow Foundation contains 3 tutorials but there will be more for Beta 2 and the eventual RTM of Windows Workflow Foundation.

The 3 tutorials in the docs right now consist of the following:

  • Simple Expense Report: This is a simple windows form application that simulates a minimal expense report. After filling in a monetary value and clicking the Submit button, a sequential workflow is started that acts on that value. If it's over 1000, the workflow communicates back to the WinForm app to let it know that manager approval is needed. Otherwise, it says that the "Lead" person needs to approve the amount. As I said in a previous post, it's a little more than "Hello World" but not enough to confuse you if it's your first foray into Windows Workflow Foundation.

  • Simple Order Form: This is another windows form application that simulates a order processing system (again, very minimal). Once you select the fruit to order and the quantity, a state machine workflow is started to process the order.

  • Web Tear Custom Activity: This tutorial/project shows how to create a custom activity. The custom activity here is called the WebTear activity whose sole purpose is to "tear" the text from a web page. Before you start on some of the more advanced activity concepts (such as validation), going through this tutorial will give you a good base that you can build on.

There you have it. All 3 tutorials are included in the archive. Also, in case you are wondering, the C# and the VB.NET version is included.

Here you go: WWF Tutorials

- Mark