I'm sorry. No comments notification

I always assumed that my blog was low on the radar since I never receive comments. The way it's supposed to work is that I receive an email whenever a comment gets posted on one of my entries. Well, I never received those emails. When I went to the feedback section in the admin portion of my blog, lo and behold here are lots and lots of comments.

I'm going to go through them now while I sit listening to the Advanced Workflow Hosting session given by Israel. I'll try and respond to all of them (and I can't wait to read the solutions to my interview question).

For those that were trying to find me at the BPI & Workflow conference, if you left a comment and I missed it, I'm sorry. Someone actually found me and asked me if I was in fact Mark Schmidt. So, the Channel 9 guy goes to Todd Kitta of Oakwood Systems Group, Inc. Congrats Todd and I'll keep an eye one your blog and DevX article coming soon.

EDIT: I think I found the switch that will remedy this situation. Back to our regulary scheduled programming.