Import entire NHL or single team schedules into Outlook

If you just want to do it, click here otherwise, read on.

Yes, hockey has finally returned. October 5th can't come any sooner. While browsing around the web, I started to look to see if anyone had a way to import the entire NHL season into my Outlook calendar. I did find one but a) they charged you for it and b) it wasn't ready yet. So, here's what I did:

1. Go to and go to the schedules section
2. Copy and paste the season schedule into Excel
3. Create an XML mapping and export the excel data to an Xml file
4. Fire up VS.NET 2003 and create a WinForms project
5. Load the Xml into a DataSet, add the ability to apply a DataView to filter on single teams
6. Add a "Import into Outlook" button

When I got it working the way I liked (bug exist I'm sure) I imported every team schedule into Outlook. Word to the wise, if you don't like appointment spam, don't do this. Your calendar will look well...busy. So, I'm just importing some individual teams. Colorado is a given since they are my favorite. Dallas only because they are my best friends favorite. Probably Detroit since I hate them while a lot of other people like them. Vancouver since they are the closest city I can drive to.

Click here to download the app and import away..all 2 of you other hockey fans at least.