My St. Patrick's Day Dash Results and Healthier Lifestyle Update

I, like many other people in the Seattle area, ran the St. Patrick's Day Dash yesterday. For those that don't know, I was a formerly heavy guy (see my I'm not half the man I used to be post). Last year I ran the race I was 30 pounds heavier than I am now and the year before that I was 35 pounds heavier than that. This year I ran the course in 25:21 which was more than 3:30 less than I ran it last year. I ended up getting 853rd out of 7409 people (only counting those that wore a timing chip). I can't say I'm not pleased since I shaved so much time off last year's result, but I know that if I would have hopped off the treadmill and hit the road just a few more times before the race I could have done much better.

Anyway, for those that ran it, the results are up (and the web interface is much nicer this year I must say). 

Link to Online Race Results | Race Details

Again, I have to thank Microsoft for providing the 20/20 Lifestyle program to help obese people (like I used to be) lose weight and transition into a healthier lifestyle. One of those perks that is worth more than money can buy. I lost 65 pounds but the cool thing is, I finished the program last May and to this day, I haven't put on a single pound. I've lost more body fat (I'm at 18% right now, down from about 37%) and gained more muscle. Now time to start training for my first triathlon this summer (and maybe a few more 5k and 10k's as well).