WPF Post-it Board source updated

Ok, first off let me say that I really really don't try to just create a blog entry that simply links to someone elses blog entry. Most of what I blog about comes straight out of my head and usually involves the use of an IDE and source code. However, the PostIt Board project created by Michael G. Emmons is just too cool to not say anything.

Written using WPF, it interfaces with Flickr and allows you to do a search and display the results as small thumbnails on a post it board interface (see picture below). The source is included. Here are some things I had to do to get it to run and to make the canvas movable.

1. Open the solution and delete the FlickrFX.snk.pfx file from the FlickrFX project (note that when you open the project it will ask for a password to open that file. Simply hit cancel and then go and delete it).

2. The code to move the window is commented out. When I uncomment it I can move the window but clicking on a picture causes the picture to move off screen. Here's the code to fix this so you can move the window as well as move any image.

 protected override void OnMouseLeftButtonDown(MouseButtonEventArgs e)
    IInputElement iie = this.InputHitTest(e.GetPosition(this));
    if (iie is System.Windows.Controls.Canvas)