Are designers and developers really that different?

I’m still figuring out this space and caught this great article over on Think Vitamin posing 10 unanswered questions from the FOWD event in New York. The interesting part of the article is reading people’s responses in the comments section (46 at time of posting).

Some of my favourites:

Would I be a better designer to work with if I knew coding myself?

Do developers appreciate knowledgeable designers?

That was easy.


This could be huge, or very short. In short the above should meld away when designers and developers get the chance to go for a beer / go bowling / etc. chat briefly about what they are doing and realise that they are all on the same team to get the same project out.

I think the summary to those comments – we all play on the same team.

An interesting article written by a top chap at Conchango, Matt Bagwell, discusses the way he approaches designer/developer workflow and how it should be more akin to a movie studio (as a geek I quite like the idea of going to work in a place like Pixar!). It’s interesting reading and even more after you watch the PDC keynotes with Paul Dawson and Tesco on stage:

Code Geeks and Art Nerds in love (or at least in ‘like’)