Expression UK Newsletter launches - and every issue includes a free gift....

I love working on Expression stuff, it gives me the opportunity to work with inspirational designers and developers who care about user experience and design in software.

The launch of the Expression UK newsletter is to let you know about all the great stuff that can be done with Silverlight and WPF using Expression tools. I don't want to let all the great work being done in the UK go unseen, so a large part of the newsletter is dedicated to showcasing projects and work by UK designers and developers.

And as I like doing things a little differently, we added our own spin by including 'social art' in each issue. I know some might question the social bit but the idea is to throw in something a little different each time we send an issue and encourage users to talk about it or consume it in some way.

The first issue has this funky piece (one's a designer and the other a developer, guess which is which...) by Ben @ Tricky Business:


Read the first issue here 

Oh yeah, the free gift... as my previous post mentions it is available to download from Flickr

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