Imagine Cup, Competitors at the ready....

The Imagine Cup 2009 is in full swing. And there is no better year to compete - there has been so much going on in the world of Microsoft technology recently:

The Imagine Cup is one of the best and most fun ways to play with all the technology from .NET to Robotics to Silverlight to whatever you want really!


The competitions are now all open and it is the time for students who have passion, ambition and skill to step up to the plate and compete in the Imagine Cup.

Step 1 - Register for the Imagine Cup

You can win without even doing anything in the UK. We are giving away webcams every week, Starbucks cards and a monthly draw for a Dell Inspiron laptop. That should make competing a bit easier...

Step 2 - Compete

Imagine Cup Winners in 2008If you are an individual, go for one of the skills challenges - themes and categories

If you have friends who want to compete then it's going to be Software Design to enter in the UK. It is the competition that the UK are guaranteed a place in the worldwide finals, this year in Cairo. It is also one of the most inspiring as you go from problem->idea->solution.

You have until 31st December to get your idea in, then 2 months of fun coding to be eligible for the UK finals around Easter next year - Software Design details

Step 3 - If you need support then askPrevious Winners

Paolo Barone and Ed Dunhill are the guys to speak to - we have a team email which you can use to ask us a question or tell us about your idea/entry -

And my Inbox is always open for IC related questions - Contact Me

And to see the kinds of things previous competitors do, check out our previous winners page