MAP 9.2 Hangs while configuring Host - Work Around

MAP 9.2 will hang when trying to configure Host information for a Server Consolidation Analysis.

I have come up with a work around for this problem, by modifying one of the Sample hosts to contain host information you choose.

I have reported this problem to the MAP product group and hopefully it will be resolved in the next release of MAP.

Note the MAP tool periodically changes database schema's from release to release.  I have tested this with only MAP version 9.2.

I found where MAP stores the sample hosts that come built in and determined that the host configuration is stored as XML in a blob in a table in the MAP_ConfigInfo Database.  I was able to replace the XML for the sample called ‘Sample Host’ with XML that accurately reflects my customers hosts.


This is my updated XML.  You can modify this XML with your host configuration.  The MAP UI will still provide the CPU values when you select the CPU Manufacturer and Model, it hangs at that point when you click next.  Now just transfer the CPU values from the MAP UI to the  CPU values
in the XML. 

Update memory, Storage Capacity, IOPs, and Network Throughput in the XML, save the XML to a file and write the blob back to the database.  TSQL to update the Blob for ‘Sample Host’ is after the XML.


<InfrastructureConfigurations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" Name="Sample host" TemplateName="Microsoft Default
Template" Vendor="Microsoft" ReadOnly="false" Category="General">

  <Infrastructure Name="Sample







      <CPUModel Name="Xeon X5550">

























To get the XML back into the blob column execute  the
following TSQL replacing the path to the XML file with your file path and file


Update dbo.infrastructures

SET definition = (SELECT BulkColumn From OpenRowset ( Bulk 'C:\users\yourusername\documents\customer.xml' , Single_Blob) a )

where (dbo.infrastructures.infrastructure_name =
'Sample host')