SCOM Alert Update connector example for SCOM 2016


With the release of SCOM 2016 I elected to recompile this updated version of SCOM Alert Updater connector example that I describe in a earlier post: AUC Example

Instructions on configuration are the same as mentioned in earlier post.

Note that I did very limited testing.  Built and installed on a all in one SCOM 2016 Lab environment. Validated connector is created and after configuring the connector to get all alerts it processed a handful of alerts.

Also, I put connector.xml and AlertUpdaterService.exe.config files in debug folder of zip. When copying text from blog it does not always copy over well, so included the copy I used in my lab environment as an example.


This version should allow you to configure on SCOM 2016 without having to grab old DLL's and place in service directories to allow for it to run. It just requires SCOM 2016 Console be installed. It was built with Visual studio 2015 targeting .net 4.5.



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