Hi Folks!

My name is Mark Michelet, and I am an Account Technology Specialist with Microsoft.  In that role, I cover (theoretically :)) every product we sell for a small number of our enterprise customers - in my case, in the manufacturing industry.  In that role, I am "a mile wide, and an inch deep" in my technical expertise of our products, but my background before coming to this role is as a developer and database guy, so I'm a little deeper there. 

One of the nice things about being my role is that I get the opportunity to be involved in real-world implementations of our technologies in the enterprise, and get to see first-hand the successes and challenges of these implementations in large, complex, and heterogeneous environments.  I hope to use this blog as a place to publish the things that I learn along with my customers about leveraging the Microsoft platform in the enterprise.  I'll let you, the reader, judge whether I am successful, and hope to read your feedback.