New Release from Patterns and Practices: Developing Sharepoint Applications

Developing SharePoint Applications guidance integrates new guidance with the original release, SharePoint Guidance – November 2008, into a single download.

The guidance provides value for experienced developers just starting in SharePoint development as well as experienced SharePoint developers looking to expand their skills.

If you are new to SharePoint development, the first step is to study the Training Management application, which is based on Windows SharePoint Services. The documentation and the application can help developers understand the fundamentals of SharePoint development, and compliments other training resources and publications.

For those that already are experienced in developing SharePoint applications, or who have gone through the Training Management application, the Partner Portal application and SharePoint Guidance library demonstrate these advanced areas. You can explore the guidance and Partner Portal reference implementation based upon your areas of interest. The general guidance refers into areas of the reference implementation that illustrate the covered concepts.

This guide enhances product documentation by applying the information to a realistic business situation illustrated in the reference implementations. In many cases, the guidance refers to the product documentation. You can use the guidance to gain initial understanding. You can then use the product documentation for deeper understanding.

The following topics may help in understanding the guidance and how it applies to your scenarios:

· When to Use This Guidance

· Intended Audience

· Evaluating the SharePoint Guidance

· Developing SharePoint Applications