I Liked The Old OS Better This Is Too Many Clicks

Hey Everyone,


Has anyone worked with anyone that always liked the last version of whatever product better? A good friend and former colleague of mine sometimes fell into that category. And by sometimes I mean all the time. One of his complaints was the Network and Sharing Center in 2008/2008 R2. It drove him mad when he just wanted to get to the network adapter properties and set the IP address info, etc. Here is how we do it in 2003.



                  (1 Click Goodness)



                  (Oh 2003 how I love you)


So when we do the same procedure in 2008 or 2008R2 (same for Vista/Win7) we get to the Network and Sharing Center. You need to click "Manage network connections" to get to the network adapaters






                (Who are you and where are my network adapters? Mark!)



Fair point I guess, it's an extra click every time settings this up, this adds up over time. But we do have a solution. To the cloud!! Oh wait I mean to the command prompt!








Simply run ncpa.cpl to launch the beloved Network Connections control panel using absolutely no clicks at all! It's like magic you must be some sort of magician!








That's all for today folks. Future posts will hopefully be more technical as I go. I promise to get better at taking screen shots or at least I'm trying to.


Mark "The Great Houdini" Morowczynski