Windows Enterprise Client Boot and Logon Optimization – Part 22, Blog Post Series Wrap Up

This post concludes the series that started here.

Over the past few weeks I’ve presented a “lite” version of the Microsoft Services Premier Workshop – Windows Enterprise Client Boot and Logon Optimization. If you’ve stayed with me from the start, I hope the series has been a valuable read and that it’s provided some insight into your choices when building a Windows client image for the Enterprise.

The series followed three main themes –

Design the image for performance

Troubleshoot performance issues that creep into production

The influence on client boot performance imposed by infrastructure and settings


Windows Boot and Logon Performance has a direct link to user productivity. If the experience is fast, the user is engagement more quickly with less frustration. At scale, this idea is worth embracing for the sake of business efficiency, user satisfaction and IT department reputation.

If you embrace the ideas in Parts 1 to 4 and Parts 18 to 21, there should largely avoid the need to perform the detailed investigations I’ve outlined in Parts 5 to 17.

Next Up

I’m in the middle of a project for the subject of my next post. For this reason, it’ll take me some time to post again.