Strategic Architect Forum 2007

Diego Dagum me avisa que están disponibles las grabaciones de las sesiones de SAF que se hicieron en Redmond el último Noviembre.

Pueden bajarse de:

Día 1

Changing the World with Software and Services

Dr. Donald Ferguson (Microsoft)

Project Astoria: Data Services for the Web

Pablo Castro (Microsoft)

Anatomy of An S+S Application

Eugenio Pace (Microsoft)

Unified Communications: Breaking VoIP Barriers

Gurdeep Pall (Microsoft)

Composite Application Architectures Using the 2007 Office System

Scott Jamison (Microsoft)

A Data-driven Approach To Distributed, Concurrent Software

George Chrysanthakopoulos (Microsoft)

Día 2

A Look Into Microsoft Research

Behrooz Chitsaz (Microsoft)

Claims-Based Identity Layer For The "New Internet"

Slava Kavsan (Microsoft)

The Reality Of The Cloud And The Future Of The Datacenter

Debra Chrapaty (Microsoft)

Mining Lightning For The Cloud

John Dwyer (Microsoft)

User Experience for Architects

Simon Guest (Microsoft)

Windows Live Platform: Making Better End User Experiences

David Dumler (Microsoft)
Angus Logan (Microsoft)

Duet: An Enterprise S+S Offering From Microsoft And SAP

Chris Keyser (Microsoft)
Burra Gopal (Microsoft)
Adi Kavaler (SAP)

Dynamic IT

Neil Leslie (Microsoft)
Barry Briggs (Microsoft)'s Simple Storage Service, Elastic Compute Cloud, and Simple Queue Service

Charlie Bell (Amazon)

Día 3

Lessons Learned from the Web's Edge: MySpace

Aber Whitcomb (MySpace)
Jim Benedetto (MySpace)

Leading Geeks: How to Manage and Lead People Who Deliver Technology

Paul Glen (C2 Consulting)