UK SQL User Group Presents: "Concurrency in SQL Server 2005, Kalen Delaney Full Day Seminar: 18th Oct 2005."

Tony Rogerson of the UK SQL User group has asked me to advertise this event.  I think it will be of general interest but also of interest to people migrating or thinking of migrating from Oracle.  And remember you've still got three days to enter the Oracle migration competition @


Concurrency in SQL Server 2005, Kalen Delaney Full Day Seminar: 18th Oct 2005.

Failing to design an application with concurrency in mind, and failure to test an application with the maximum number of expected simultaneous users is one of the main causes of poor application performance.

In this seminar we will look at the concurrency enhancements made in SQL Server 2005, based on a technology called row-level versioning (RLV). RLV provides a new isolation level called Snapshot Isolation that allows readers of data to not be blocked by writers. The seminar will compare the new isolation level with the previous ones and provide guidelines as to how to determine which isolation level is appropriate for your needs, and what application changes might be necessary to achieve the level desired.

In addition to new locking behaviours, we will discuss the way that RLV increases the concurrency potential of other features of SQL Server 2005, including online index rebuilds and multiple active results sets.

In this seminar you will learn:

How and when to use the new Snapshot Isolation to achieve better locking behaviour and greater concurrency.

How Row Level Versioning improves the concurrency of other SQL Server operations.

How to tune your database to allow the maximum use of Row Level Versioning and how to monitor the resources used.