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Video Introduction Channel 9: Unit testing your Metro style apps built using XAML
MSDN Verifying Code by Using Unit Tests
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Asynchronous calls in C++ Windows Store Unit Tests

Publishing test results through command line test runner

How to manage unit tests in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 : Part 1–Using Traits in the Unit Test Explorer

Part 2–Using Traits with different test frameworks in the Unit Test Explorer

Implementing Traits in custom Visual Studio Test Adapters 

Introducing SharePoint Emulators


Writing a Visual Studio 2012 Unit Test Adapter

Anatomy of a File-based Unit Test Plugin

Authoring a new Visual studio unit test adapter

How to make your extension visible to the test explorer in Visual Studio 11?

Writing loggers for command line test runner vstest.console.exe


How to enable UTE logs?

Running Windows 8 Metro style tests in TeamBuild

Running selective unit tests in VS 2012 RC using TestCaseFilter

How to write tests in WinRT Component DLL project [for VS11 Beta/Consumer Preview]

Running Unit Tests for Windows Metro style apps from Command Line


Visual Studio 11 Fakes Part 1 - Stubs

Visual Studio Fakes Part 2 – Shims

Why mstest did not deploy my deployment item?

Ordered test timeout

TestContext folders explained

Visual Studio 2012 RC – What’s new in Unit Testing

What’s New in Visual Studio 11 Beta Unit Testing

What’s new for MSTest unit tests in Visual Studio 11 Beta

3rd Party Adapters

Visual Studio 11 Beta - Unit Testing Plugins List

Javascript Unit Tests on Team Foundation Service with Chutzpah

QUnit Tests for Metro Style Apps


Vikram Agarwal

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Peter Provost

Aseem Bansal 


The Three Rules Of Tdd

Kata - the Only Way to Learn TDD

The Bowling Game Kata

The Prime Factors Kata

TDD Fluency

TDD Apostate

TDD Zealot

Unit Testing ASP.NET Web API

 Mocks Aren’t Stubs

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mock

Mock Free Example, Part 1: Project Intro

Mock Free Example, part 2: Simulators

Mock Free Example, Part 3: Fixing Untestable Code Sequences

Simulating the File System

New Simulators Library

Decoupled Design

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