Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 is now available

You can download it here.


See the official announcements.


NOTE: Beta 2 is also comes with a “go-live” license, which implies that you can deploy the tools for your “live” projects in production (view the license agreements for more details). This is a really a great opportunity for you to get going with this Visual Studio release!

My favorite feature is TFS Basic. I believe this removes the major pain-points in adopting TFS & VSTS 2010 for small teams. I now have it running on my laptop.


The key changes in Coded UI Test are

1. The code generation (from recorded actions, control in UI Control Map, assertions) have been significantly modified. You will notice that code is better organized now. It is automatically parameterized allowing you to data-drive coded ui test easily.

image image

2. The user interface for Coded UI Test Builder has been enhanced significantly based on usability feedback.

image image image image

3. Support for WPF controls is much richer now.